There are many picnic places in Delhi NCR who called themselves Best Picnic Spot, but most are the overcrowded or not up to the mark. When you are going with your family, then you want peace, serenity and silence. In short you want to be in the lap of nature.

Winslow Farms and Resort is the perfect destination for your family’s weekend picnic outing. You can have a Camel ride and it is a lot of fun. Just coming in contact with these beautiful animals gives you a high and not to mention you can share your pictures on Facebook and Instagram too later on.

Moreover, Winslow Farms and Resort is spread across 4 acres of land and there is ample space to find your corner and open those lunchboxes with those delicious foods.

At there you will feel in the lap of nature as it is surrounded with greenery all around.

The food is awesome and you can also play the multiple games available in the premises. Coming from the hustle, bustle and pollution of a metro you will revel in nature’s bounty and enjoy the peace and serenity of a forest like environment that’s why it is one of the Best Fun Places.

There is also a pool and you can dive in and enjoy the fresh water and there are facilities for rain dance and DJ too. This makes it all the more fun.

If you are looking forwards for staying overnight, then you can use fully A/C rooms and enjoy a good night’s sleep before waking up the next day all ready for the adventure that waits for you.

All facilities are provided for within the Winslow Farms and Resort premises and you don’t have to go out of the compound for any necessity.

The best part is that the packages for a weekend are very economical. This makes it all the more attractive as it will not put a strain on your pocket and you can have loads of fun with a nominal investment.

Now, you know the reason why you should have a day picnic.

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