If you are looking for Best Picnic Spot, then you don’t need to look any further. 

Winslow Farms and Resort is the perfect picnic spot for your family and these are the reasons why: –


Location is a critical factor while choosing a picnic spot for family. It should be open and expansive but not lonely or secluded. All major facilities should be nearby and it should be near a habituated area in case you need any help or facilities.

Winslow Farms and Resort is located near Delhi and it is a perfect picnic spot for family.

  • Entry fee: –

It is also important that the picnic spot should not be very expensive. It is an uphill task to earn money and one does not want to go to an expensive place where one’s budget doesn’t allow him or her.

Financial are important as you have to balance your monthly budget and allocate a particular amount for entertainment and family time. Thus choose a picnic spot which is reasonable and less expensive.

The charges at Winslow Farms and Resort is very reasonable and fit in a common man’s pocket and thus it makes sense financially and practically.


All facilities like food, water and lodging should be available in or near the picnic spot. You don’t want to be left in a lurch for want of some simple facility. Thus check out all the facilities which are available before choosing Picnic spot.

All these facilities are available there making it the Best Picnic spot near Delhi for family picnics.


The picnic spot should be expansive, green, well maintained and habituated. It should not be a lonely or secluded place and should be aesthetic, beautiful and pleasing to the senses.

Winslow Farms and Resort has lush green gardens and lots of greenery and trees. The gardens are well maintained and perfect for a summer picnic outing.

  • LODGING: –

Staying in and lodging facilities should be available in the picnic spot, in case you decide to stay on and spend the night there. These facilities should not be overly expensive and should fit the middle class man’s pocket. It is also important that they have geysers, Air conditioners and water supply and also facility for dining and food.

There are lodging facilities available at Winslow Farms and Resort at very reasonable rates and your family can spend the night in one of the guestrooms for a nominal price.

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