Before you choose Best One Day Picnic near Delhi for a weekend trip with your loved ones you should keep in mind many factors.

Some factors you should consider before choosing a picnic spot for your Family:

  • FINANCE: –

Your picnic outing budget is a major consideration while choosing a picnic spot. It should be nice and expansive with many activities but should not topple your financial planning.

  • TIME: –

How far away the picnic spot is, is also a very important consideration as you have to calculate the amount of time it will take for you to reach the spot, what are the road conditions and also how long you want to stay in the resort.


The spot can be on the outskirts of the city but should not compromise on the security and safety of your family. Don’t go to a secluded place, go to a place which has at least some habitation so that in case of any emergencies you have help near you. Also first confirm whether the resort has security personal to keep out miscreants.

  • CLIMATE: –

You don’t want the picnic spot to be too hot or humid. You can plan your picnic in the morning and afternoon hours and enjoy under the shade of a tree or a sun umbrella. Be careful with children as they are more susceptible to getting heat strokes and vomiting and so you should avoid areas with extreme temperatures.


Food and water should be freely available at your picnic spot and there should be drinkable mineral water available near you.

  • CROWD: –

Be careful not to go to a dingy or fishy place just to save some money. Your Families safety comes first and thus you should never compromise on their security. Research and find out the type of crowd and milieu the place has and then decide on the picnic spot.


Resort should have entertainment facilities as well as activities for kids to enjoy. You can choose a place where there is a pool or where there are space to play sports.

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